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Ellen Takes On Funny Technology Baby Names

redbirdTechnology names may become the accepted baby names of the future. Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple the proverbial “apple of my eye” or is she named after her favorite computer? I prefer the old fashioned baby names and would probably name a baby Wordsworth rather than WordPress!

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Vintage Baseball Names

Baseball Baby NamesTis the season… it’s baseball season. Having a spring baby may be a great reason to let dad enter the name game and come pull some great names from the record books.

Thinking that all ballplayers were guys so their names were only for baby boys? There are plenty of unisex names like Jackie (Jackie Robinson who the new movie 42 is about).  Even some of the “boyish” names for a girl can prove a unique name like Ty or Cy (Ty Cobb and Cy Young).

Looking back to ballplayers of a hundred years ago, there are some interesting names on the 1913 team rosters:  Chet, Lute, Rollie, Birdie, Esty, Ivy, Buck.

Consider borrowing a last name for baby’s first name. All-round great athlete Jim Thorpe was the gold medal winner in the Pentathlon and also the Decathlon in the 1912 Olympics and a player on the 1913 New York Giants.  How about Maris for a girl, like Roger Maris who hit 61home runs in 1961!

Enjoy plotting a sporty name!

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Consumer Groups Call for Recall of Bumbo Baby Seat

In November 2011 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission put out a caution for parents of the use of the Bumbo Baby Seat.  The warning was against using the seat on elevated surfaces.  USA Today reports 33 head injuries and that when the manufaturer was approached for comment of why a belt wasn’t added to the seat— a safety strap would give parents a “false sense of security.” Five consumer groups are calling for a recall of this baby product.  The conumer group Kids In Danger points out on their website, “Most parents are probably also unaware that unlike bouncer seats, high chairs, booster seats and other products they may use with their infants, there are no safety standards or safety testing required for seats like the Bumbo.”  This probably won’t be the end of Bumbo in the news. Perhaps this should be renamed more aptly the Bump-o seat!

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