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Betting on History for Name of Royal Baby

British bookmakers are taking wagers on the sex and name of royal baby and I bet you can put some money down on the odds in Vegas too. I’ve read that royal watchers seem to be betting heavily that William and Kate will name a female heir Alice ( I think it’s a lovely name but don’t put any money on it!

Alice has been bandied around as a royal name since the 1800’s. Queen Victoria named her third child Alice Maud Mary. Alice married a German nobleman and went off to live in a Gran Duchy. Alice didn’t live very long—she died at age 35. She was also the mother of Alix who married Czar Nicholas of Russia, and as Empress of Russia was killed with her entire family in the Revolution.  A lesser member of the royal family and a line that ended in tragedy… Alice doesn’t sound like a winner for the Windsors.

There’s been no Queen Alice of England, so the name isn’t steeped in British tradition, not enough to make it to the top of the list.  I can’t picture the royals choosing a name that hasn’t already been tried out on a monarch.

I’ll tell what is the sure bet… Elizabeth. William has said that he has a good relationship with is grandmother: Queen Elizabeth II. Since the queen is alive and kicking, it would been a lovely way to honor her more than 50 years on the throne.  William is also old enough to remember the beloved Queen Mother, and yes, she was another Elizabeth!

So family connections favor Elizabeth, but so does British history. Since William and Kate’s first born, George, is the heir apparent, then this next child will be further down the line to ascending the throne. But what if history repeats itself—after the death of Henry the VIII his two oldest children Edward and Mary had short-lived reigns, before their long reigning and influential sibling Queen Elizabeth I became queen. Elizabeth is a name that would bode well to reflect Britain’s golden age in history.

My vote is in. Elizabeth.

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