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U Baby Names

u baby namesULTIMATE Antique Baby Names that start with U. These U baby names for boys and girls are totally vintage and at least 100 years old. The list of baby names below reflects the full name, year of birth, and where the person was born.

sex name surname born place
m Uhl Kenney b. 1831 NJ
m Ulman Calico b. 1859 AR
m Ulmer Smith b. 1861 GA
m Ulmont White b. 1897 KY
m Ulrich Remy b. 1897 AR
m Ulton More b. 1863 MD
m Ulysses Ludlow b. 1878 KY
f Una Whitis b. 1902 KY
f Uniah Tibbo b. 1820 MS
f Unica Poppins b. 1860 AL
m Union Lawler b. 1870 AL
f Unis Thompson b. 1877 AL
f Unity Wharton b. 1823 DE
m Upshire White b. 1882 KY
m Upton Stiger b. 1810 KY
m Urban White b. 1876 KY
m Uriah Bruce b. 1834 MA
m Urias White b. 1844 KY
m Uriel Dexter b. 1813 NY
f Urilda Jones m. 1874 KY
f Ursley Graham b. 1801 GA
f Ursula Labato b. 1800 NM
m Urtha West b. 1879 GA
f Urthelmine Lavine b. 1834 Germany
f Urthula Foster b. 1870 England
f Urtilla Kronemiller b. 1877 IN
f Utah Newchurch b. 1877 LA
m Uther Davis b. 1863 UT